PSG GRD Museum

The credit for PSG Tech becoming a centre of excellence in technical education and creative research in engineering, technology, management and applied sciences goes to the inspiring and motivating leadership of GRD. His often repeated remark “think and see  beyond” has shaped six decades of growth of PSG Tech. The systems he put in place in the college, in education planning, curriculum development, administration, education technology, student activities etc have helped PSG Tech retain its pre-eminent position.

The best tribute that thousands of alumni who graduated from PSG Institutions could give to GRD is to set up a Science & Technology Museum to educate the future generation of youngsters, as well as the public about the role of Science and Technology in day to day life and for the development of the county, the sustainability of the environment and improve the  quality of life. The proposed museum will focus on the heritage, the important milestones of the development of Science and Technology, the technologies for mobility, energy, sustainability, medicine, food, communication and Information Technology. The museum will have several interactive displays, working models and relevant exhibits on the focal areas. A separate section will deal with the heritage of GRD.

There is no such museum in this region and therefore setting up this museum will be of  great education value and this will also create public awareness on the importance of  sustainability. It will also show case the Indian achievements in the core section  like atomic energy, peaceful use of space energy, space exploration, defense  preparedness , health care etc., The Core Committee constituted by the Management has estimated that the cost of the Museum will be about Rs 25 Crores with the land and buildings provided by the PSG management.

Major Sponsors
S.No Category Sponsorship Rs. In Lakhs
1. Platinum Sponsor 100
2. Diamond Sponsor 75
3. Gold Sponsor 50
4. Silver Sponsor 25
5. Bronze Sponsor 10

Major sponsorships can be by individuals or by groups.

Individual  Sponsors

Those who contribute Rs. 10.00 lakhs or more will be classified as individual sponsors.

PSG GRD Museum Endowment

“A Wall” will be created at a vantage position preferably at the Reception / Visitor Lounge where the Donors Name will be displayed category wise to honour their contribution

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